About us

Veronika Jarolímová


My name is Veronika Jarolímová. I am a qualified nurse. In 2008, I completed my high school studies at the Secondary Health School in Děčín. I then continued my studies in the field of physiotherapy. After a few years, I took a retraining course in sports massage at Dexter Academy. I have also pursued further education abroad, first in Spain, then in Italy at iThrust Academy, and finally at an academy in Slovakia. I continue to educate myself in the fields of rehabilitation, osteopathy, and chiropractic to provide the best possible care.

I have always wanted to help people and work in healthcare. Over time, I focused on musculoskeletal correction. I appreciate the diversity of this field. It doesn't always have to be about addressing muscle pain; massages can also serve as prevention and relaxation, benefiting not only the muscles but also the mind. Currently, our center offers comprehensive care ranging from rehabilitation to massages to exercise.


2009 SZŠ Děčín Zdravotní sestra

2010-2013 Rehabilitace Bulovka

2017 Dexter Academy Zdravotnický masér

2017 Dexter Academy Práce s těhotnými + těhotenská masáž

2017 EdusPa College Breussova masáž a Dornova metoda

2018 Eduspa College Baňkování

2019 iTHrust Academy Italy HVLA Monza - Italy

2019 Eduspa College Kinesiotaping I. a II.

2020 INPROV Brno Odlokování krční páteře

2020 Monada komplexní terapie bederní páteře a pánevního pletence

2020 Masérnička Mobilizační techniky I. a II.

2021 Fyziotalent Maja Spiritovic Mobilizace

2021 Fyziotalent Maja Spiritovic Manipulace

2021 Masérnička Manuální lymfodrenáž

2021 DC Paprsek Kurz první pomoci

2021 NewWay Academy SK Bobrovček Chiropraxe

2021 OMT Training Red Flags & Back Pain

2022 OMT Training Clinical Compression / Voodoo Flossing

2022 OMT Training Myofascial cupping

2022 OMT Ostheopatic mobilisation

2023 OMT Training Full Spinal Manipulation Course Access

Michal Nový


My name is Michal Nový. I am a qualified sports and rehabilitation massage therapist.
I mainly focus on classic and sports massage. From relaxation massages, I can offer hot stone and Hawaiian massages.
This year, I am continuing my studies. After completing the extension, I would like to further focus on the development of massage and learn new types and forms of treatments to help people. I want to focus on preventing problems that could arise during sports or work.
Currently, I am developing my experience in practice and learning from my colleagues. 

Markéta Ptáčníková


My name is Markéta Ptáčníková, and I am a qualified social worker.
In 2013, I completed a secondary medical school in Kladno, and then I enrolled in a Higher Vocational School in Prague where I continued my studies in social care - social pedagogy.
I have been dedicated to this field in recent years.
I also completed a retraining course in massages at Dexter Academy.
I am currently on maternity leave.